Friday Night with Robert Lee Camp in Chicago

Robert Lee Camp & LlenarWOW! I learned more in 2 hours listening to Robert talk about The Cards of Your Destiny than I have in the 3 years I’ve had and used the book.

So, Friday night, I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Lee Camp and his wife, Desiree, in person at TRANSITIONS BOOKPLACE on North Avenue here in Chicago. (For those of you who don’t know – I didn’t – TRANSITIONS is MOVING and EVERYTHING is on sale for HALF-PRICE!!!) Back to Robert . . .

He wove a captivating tale about the ancients and how they had time to observe the 5 ‘stars’ which moved slower than the others and weren’t quite as bright. He said they noticed it took about 365 ‘days’ for the entire cycle to complete. They discovered some significance of the number 7.

Robert says the 52 card deck was not meant for playing and that it’s origin is not known. I wish he had a recording of the lecture portion. There’s so much more I’ve got sketchy details for and don’t want to misrepresent.

Using large placards of The Life Spread and The Spiritual Spread, Robert showed us how to find our Karma cards and also the most compatible Marriage Card for us. He also showed us which Card represented the man or woman ‘or our dreams’!

He took the time to go through the entire deck asking who in the audience had that Birth Card and gave a brief overview of the pluses and minuses of each. This particular audience was FULL of DIAMONDS with a sprinkling of Hearts, Clubs and Spades. One patron and audience member, a 3 of Clubs, was celebrating her birthday with her friends. After going through the deck Robert took questions from the audience.

Robert Lee Camp & LlenarRobert was promoting his new book, Your Birthday Your Card, which I call the non-techie version of The Love Cards book. For all the times I’ve owned the Love Cards book, and given it away, I didn’t know it was the book which provided the IN-DEPTH information about the BIRTH CARDS. I thought it was used for sorting out relationships. I thought BOTH books gave information about the BIRTH CARDS. Robert informed me that was NOT the case when I loaned my Destiny Card book to Emily, a patron, who wanted to look up her Birth Card. The Cards of Your Destiny book tells the past, present and future. To use the Birth Cards one only needs the month and day; the Destiny Cards require month, day and year.

Completing the evening, Robert signed his new book, his old ones that various ones of us brought with us (mine has post-it notes sticking out of it and completed Reading Worksheets in front and back). He also took photos with audience members who requested it. We waved as I headed out the door and Robert continued answering questions.

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