My 2-cents on the Bailout/Rescue


If the housing industry and mortgages is where the current U.S. financial problem is then why aren’t we doing something about that?  Why aren’t we throwing money at those industries?

This sounds like going to war in Iraq after 9/11 when Osama Bin Laden is in Afghanistan!!!

While we (my 84 year old father, 80 year old mother, and me driving) were enroute from Chicago to Arizona this past weekend I heard a caller to the Rush Limbaugh show give this idea which I thought was FANTASTIC:  Rather than bailing out Wall Street with $700 billion, take $100 billion and divide it up amongst all the U.S. registered voters.  He went on to say that averaged about $200K to each. He also suggested that use of these monies would be at the taxpayer’s discretion.

I also like what Ralph Nader says which is to give funds to businesses and banks which are suffering because of what Wall Street did.  And if money is given Wall Street taxpayers get shares and ownership!

There’s blame and guilt to go around if I dealt in that.  Bankers, mortgage brokers, etc and homeowners wanting a bargain are equally responsible.

I also like the idea from the parable of the Talents from the Bible.  Give $100 billion each to the registered voters, $100 billion to small business, $100 billion to Wall Street and let the best man win!

I think this bailout/rescue situation requires it be wholistic rather than monolithic.

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