To Your Health!

Your health, your body is one of the main areas you get to practice No Out There and may take full responsibility for your life.

The other day my friend James was over and my youngest brother Greg happened to drop by. After Greg left, James asked, "You said that’s your baby brother?"
"Yup", I answered. "I’m the eldest. Not just eldest sister, the eldest child."
James remarked, "I was just wondering because he’s got a lot of grey".
"They all do. It’s the vitamins. Been taking them since I was 19."

And no, I don’t take any big name brand. Walgreen’s Super Atynal (multi-vitamin). Been taking that for years. Now I take the one for folks over 50. (Although a man who used to sell vitamins for a living recommended I get a VERY GOOD Name Brand Multi-vitamin and any old brand of single vitamins, i.e. C, E, etc.)

Now I know many folks think vitamins are nonsense, however, I also don’t have diabetes either – my mother, sister, and 2 out of 3 brothers have it!!!

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