The Return of Mabel Katz to the No Out There Talkshow!

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There was such an OVERWHELMING response to Mabel Katz and “The Easiest Way” on the show last week.  Many, many, many people were not able to get their questions asked (busy cleaning right?!)  soooooo, Mabel is returning to No Out There – not once – TWICE!!!
Put these dates and times in your
Calendar, Date Book, Day Planner, iPhone, whatever!
TOMORROW, Wednesday, August 6th
1pm est, NOON cst, 10am pst

Wednesday, August 27th
9pm est, 8pm cst, 6pm pst

If I were you, I’d be on BOTH shows to ensure I get my questions answered and practice Cleaning!
Mabel will be speaking about:

1) Ho’oponopono, an ancient problem solving art from the Hawaiian culture, which teaches that life in fact can be easy
2) her book, “The Easiest Way” a practical guide for applying spiritual principles to get past blocks to attaining what you want in your life. It is based on Ho’oponopono, AND
3) a new book release “THANK GOD I .  . ”  Mabel’s segment is called, “Thank God I Left My Kids!”
On the last show, I got so much from listening to Mabel AND I left with two valuable insights:  1) to use ‘flypaper’ for catching relationship issues and  2) that in any moment I may be one THANK YOU’ or one I LOVE YOU’ away from transformation.
So I thought, let me check out that book and went to the website ‘Thank God I’ out of curiosity, because if Mabel is involved in it, it must be good, right?  Well, I’m glad I visited the site and I encourage you to visit too because I learned . . .  
Wednesday, August 6th
1pm EST, NOON cst, 10am PST
1-646-716-9798 to CALL IN
To ensure that you have the opportunity to speak with Mabel, please listen for your area code and prefix (that’s your area code and the following 3 digits – XXX-XXX-xxxx)  AND I will PAUSE and repeat your number.  If there is no response after the repeat I move on to the next caller so please be prepared.
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