LAUGH Your Way to ENLIGHTENMENT! with Matzo

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Spiritual Growth Can Be FUN!


Have you been taking your spirituality and metaphysics too seriously?

Mat Zo, the Unleavened One as he calls himself says he is “highly qualified to assist you in laughing due to over 30 years of expertise in no field of specialty. After lifetimes of intense meditation, spiritual discipline, and eating brown rice, I have attained my ability to dispense esoteric, punch line wisdom.”

After studying with a wide variety of spiritual teachers, Mat had a profound enlightenment experience in 1987. A pigeon pooped on his head, bio-fueling a paradigm shift from his own little ego to the recognition of a universal presence much bigger than himself. Mat realized that he didn’t have to be anybody. He just had to be and that spiritual growth could be fun, rather than overly serious.

Assisting others to giggle is his passion.  Mat Zo’s goal became to teach people to ask questions about the nature of reality, laugh a little, learn a little, and above all, to pay him in cash up front.





I’ve been reading his book, The Rascal’s Guide to Enlightenment: How to Become Enlightened on a Budget by Taking a Course in the Power of the Celestial Shmecret Prophecy Duh Mat Zo Code Now©®™ and it is such a hoot. I’ve found myself spontaneously laughing out loud at such things as:
Spiritual Reality Television Shows:

  • Spiritual Idol
  • Spiritual Eye for the Athiest Guy, and
  • This Old Ashram
Suggested Reading, all written by Matzo, of course:

  • The Dummies Guide to Gurus
  • Lose Weight Quickly, Right Now:  Give MatZo All the Contents of Your Purse and/or Wallet
  • I’m Okay, What’s the Matter with You?
  • We Found a Spiritual Growth in Your Aura, and more
Join me tonight for a FUN and gigglelicious time
with Matzo – The Unleavened One

CALL IN: GIGGLE with Matzo 1-646-716-9798


Make sure to Find out if you’re a SNAG or SEG! 


 Wednesday, January 28, 2009

9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST and 6pm PST
Have The VERY BEST MOMENTS YET of Your Eternal Life and have some FUN while you’re at it!
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