Hot Flashes (Menopause)

What I am expressing here, in honor of the 56th year since my birth, is what I’ve noticed as it concerns Menopause and Me.

First is HOT FLASHES . I usually get flushed from 2 causes

  1. too much sugar or sweets at one sitting (even too many grapes at one time will cause it)
  2. thnking angry, unpleasant, blaming thoughts (any or all or them combined)

Secondly, my knees:

  1. This actually began to show up during what I now know is referred to as Peri-Menopause, the years and/or time prior to the full onset of Menopause.
  2. It began in my 40’s. I can remember the night I came downstairs to answer the door and my needs talked to me all the way down the stairs. What I remember is that this occurred the day AFTER I had been out all night and morning dancing until dawn. After that time, my knees have continued to notify me of their displeasure!!!
  3. Loss of sex drive. That once a month of being on the prowl simply ended.
  4. Loss of energy. Just don’t have that get up and go that I once experienced.
  5. Hair loss. Though I continue to have lots of hair – I KNOW – there is MUCH less than prior to 1990 when I began to notice it thinning – which is also time time when my knees began their conversation.

Lastly, there is that weird thing that happened to me the summer between the 49th & 50th year after my birth. I went to sleep one evening during late summer during the night heard this loud pop almost a crunching noise. When I awoke, I couldn’t move my right arm very much. It felt limp, like a wet noodle.

I couldn’t raise it over my head without helping it with my left hand. I couldn’t pull off my t-shirts using the crossed arms method because I couldn’t lift the arm over head height. I also could no longer reach behind me with that arm.

I had read that when something like that happens, usually to folks who have a stroke, to continue using the arm, not to let it atrophy. This condition continued until I ran across an article in a Health Magazine I picked up in the GNC Vitamin store in Arizona. There was an article which spoke of the benefits of around 250 milligrams of vitamin B6 for people who had arm and shoulder problems related to carpel tunnel.

Something in that article – which I no longer have, else I’d give all the details here – rang true to me so I purchase B6, took the recommended dosage, continued using my arm and I’m happy to say, my arm works just fine now!

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