Heal Yourself by Tapping – Dr. Michael Vincent

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Dr. Michael Vincent – Heal Yourself by Tapping!


I went to an introductory session last night for a Workshop AND Seminar being taught here in Chicago THIS WEEKEND and I thought it was IMPORTANT to get the word out!!

What I saw reminded me of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique which involves tapping the body while saying statement which deal with emotional issues. Some of you have heard of it AND possibly been to EFT Workshops, some may even use the technique. Well, how’s about taking it to the NEXT LEVEL?

I’m having Dr. Vincent on the show because I KNOW EFT WORKS. I’ve used it myself and if he’s got something supercharges that – I want to know about it. Also Dr. Vincent says he teaches EFT during the FIRST HOUR of his SEMINAR – which by the way is:

Friday, 6pm – 9pm
Saturday, 9am – 5pm
Tuley Park
91st & King
Cost: $175

His passion and his vision is to make 100 millionaires in the community doing this work impacting what he says are the major issues in our community, HEALTH & DRUGS. To make sure as many people can get this information and technique, he also offers a WORKSHOP during the Saturday portion of the Seminar:
Saturday, 2pm – 4pm
Tuley Park
91st & King
Cost: $65

He has a special offer for people who listen to the show and PRE-REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOP and/or SEMINAR.

TUNE IN TODAY AT NOON: www.no-out-there.com/talkshow or 1-646-716-9798.

If you’re online and wish to talk – you no longer have to use the telephone – the CLICK TO TALK FEATURE WORKS AND IT’S FABULOUS!!!

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