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I attended an introductory session July 22nd for a Class AND Seminar being taught in Chicago and Michigan and I thought: “This is GREAT! I’ve got to get the word out!!”

What I saw reminded me of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – which involves tapping the body while saying statements which deal with emotional issues. Some of you may have heard of EFT, possibly been to an EFT Workshop, some may even use the technique, some of you may even be practitioners. Well, how’s about taking it to the NEXT LEVEL?

When I mentioned his work reminded me of EFT, Dr. Vincent acknowledged that he uses EFT in his methodology, and he teaches EFT during the FIRST HOUR of his Class. He then went on to add that he has combined EFT with AFT (Attractor Field Technique), Body Talk and Muscle Testing along with 3 products in a 90-day systematic approach called BREAKTHROUGH.

Those who really know me, KNOW that wouldn’t have been enough to have Dr. Vincent on the show. What won me over is, although I am in robust health, there has been a little weird diamond-shaped patch of something smack dab in the middle of my left palm, each dark side measuring about 1-1/2 inches which is now slowly fading away. AND the only things I have done differently are switching back to my vitamins containing IRON and using Dr. Vincent’s Breakthrough methodology of product and tap-touching. Here’s the kicker: I am using the product and tap touching for WEIGHT LOSS!!! Go Figure!

Dr. Vincent is so passionate about remedying what he determines the major issues in our community: HEALTH & DRUGS, that he drives 4-hours BOTH WAYS each Tuesday Evening to present that Introductory Seminar in Chicago.
91st & King Drive
Tuley Park Fieldhouse & Community Center

With the soaring costs of Health Care, Insurance premiums and medication, along with the aging of America, for those of you who’d like more information and cannot attend the Seminars, Classes and Workshops here in Chicago or Michigan, tune in Wednesday evening and at least get the information. Dr. Vincent was on the show July 23rd at NOON and what was a 90-minute LIVE show, due to technical difficulties, resulted in an 18 minute recording. The last 45 minutes of that show contained testimonies from people, including a physician, who are experience amazing results using Dr. Vincent’s BREAKTHROUGH.

Committed to health and wellness in your body? TUNE INTO THIS SHOW!
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9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST
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