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Asara Lovejoy, author of  The One Command® is my Featured Guest on No Out There TONIGHT, Wednesday, August 6th at 8pm CST.

Asara says:

I have to tell you, The One Command arrived in my life when I had hit financial bottom: huge credit card debt; mortgaged to the max; no job, and no income. In any sense of ordinary thinking you would say the situation was hopeless.
At that moment, the truth of our EXTRAORDINARY thinking was revealed to me through, The One Command®!
The One Command® brings you emotional and financial success as you tap into the unused portions of your brain that are the markers of the rich and successful throughout the ages. Discover how in the amazing story, that shows you how to do it for yourself!”

When it comes to spirituality and metaphysics, many of you have heard me say, “Use EVERYTHING”  These days I’m adding “often and liberally!”  And that’s what I like about Asara Lovejoy’s The One Command®.


The One Command® comes as close to anything I’ve seen to employing EVERYTHING in its 6-step process:  visualization, meditation, conscious languaging, re-wording, switchwords, the power of NOW and more!   On occasion, I’ve completed those 6-steps in a matter of moments, literally!  AND I’ve had some amazing results which I’ll be sharing on the show!

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