Why I give MILLION$ . . . on Facebook


I give $20 Million Dollars almost daily on Facebook using the ‘$$ Be A Billionaire!’ application because I’m practicing THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

If you’ve seen the movie, THE SECRET or read the book, or heard of Abraham-Hicks, Jack Canfield, or Dr. Joe Vitale and his book The Attractor Factor, or James Ray, Rev. Michael Beckwith or Lisa Nichols and others, then you know what I’m writing about.

For those of you who HAVEN’T seen the movie or heard about The Law of Attraction then here’s the short form . . .

EVERYTHING – at it’s core – IS ENERGY – including you and me, VIBRATING at different rates. (Think of it like stations on the radio – the closer I am to the station number I want to listen to, the less static, the clearer the reception) What I currently have in my life is a ‘report out’ of what I was and am attracting energetically. To attract and have what I desire in my life I must be an energetic vibratory MATCH to it. When I am a MATCH – it then appears in my life.

So, how do I manage that? How do I BECOME an energetic vibratory MATCH?

I must have an OBJECTIVE in mind, AN IDEA of what I desire. I must be able to SEE IT CLEARLY, to VISUALIZE IT. I must FEEL (that’s the vibratory part) AS IF I HAVE the attribute, item, talent, skill, knowledge, intelligence, car, house, or money. I must be – BLISSFUL, JOYFUL or at least HAPPY that I am having what I HAVE – BOTH what I already have in reality and what I HAVE in my dreams!!! That’s the Gratitude Attitude Oprah and so many others speak of. And since my MIND doesn’t know the difference HAVING IS HAVING whether in actuality, reality or imaginary.

So that’s why I give and will keep giving these millions daily because it helps me, puts me in the zone of what it feels like being a billionairess today, right now, this minute (like Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now) with billionairess and trillionairess on the way!!! I feel what it’s like to be wealthy, able to give freely and joyfully WITH money left over and continually coming in.

It’s also an example of reciprocity – what I reap, I sow. It’s about GIVE and RECEIVE! I give $1 million to 20 different people. I receive $20 million immediately. Additionally, if I wish, every 3 hours I can earn another $3 million BONUS by simply starting up the app.

How GREAT is that??? I can GIVE $1 Million to up to 20 people every 24 hours AND RECEIVE up to $20 million AND THEN every 3 hours within that 24 I can earn another $3 million!!!

And it IS great because – my mind doesn’t know the difference. I’m not talking about my brain the part that lets my EYES see, I’m talking about MY MIND. To it – I’M GIVING A MILLION DOLLARS, $20 million really.

So for those of you on Facebook who say you wanna’ be a millionaire – I don’t know of anywhere else you can get to PRACTICE the FEEL of it, BE in the FEELing of it.

I get to FEEL how it is to have BILLIONS without stress, without worry, without fear of not having enough, without fear of losing it, without fear that it will be taken away from me, without fear that I’ll give away too much and won’t have any left, WITHOUT all that stuff.

And it’s FUN, it’s a GAME, it’s EASY, it’s JOYFUL, it’s FULFILLING, it’s ABUNDANT. (It’s in THAT energy stuff REALLY happens – and fast too!)

That’s why I give MILLIONS on Facebook, because . . . I’M A TRILLIONAIRE$$!!!

And I’m not talking about a WANNA’ BE. I’m talking about BEING that NOW, IN THIS MOMENT. Wanna’ be is futurespeak. Given all there is – IS THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW – I’m speaking about NOW. My brain thinks in past and future. My mind is ONLY in the NOW. My brain remembers. My mind knows. However, that’s another topic.

BOTTOM LINE: I give Millions on Facebook because I’m using THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

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