Thomas Gates and THANK GOD I DIED!

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 “There is never a moment that the essence of our existence ceases to be. Life is eternal. Nobody dies!”

Soon after being rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, Thomas Gates found himself in a losing battle for his life. Within moments of hearing the doctors declare, “We’re sorry. We’ve done all we can. We’re not sure he’s going to make it”, he began an amazing journey through and beyond “the Light” to the underlying, eternal source of his own existence and that of all creation. After finally returning to the world he had left behind, he had no memory of ever having been in a body before and no memory of the world around him.  Not knowing who he was, where he was, or even what he was, he was left with only the memory of the incredible journey he had just taken and the truth of his own eternal existence. And thus began yet another amazing journey….

Thomas Gates, international healing facilitator, author (Thank God I…Book 2), and speaker, is the founder of Healing Spectrums for Health and Wholeness and creator of the Destination Wholeness Workshops and People from all walks of life have been inspired and empowered by Thomas’ presentations, healing workshops, training programs, and consultations as he shares the unique healing gifts and insights that came from his remarkable and extensive near-death journey. In the “non-touch” Healing Spectrums sessions Thomas is able to access the same spectrums that he encountered in his Near-Death journey in order to help to accelerate the body’s natural healing ability.
TONIGHT, Wednesday, September 3rd
9pm EST, 8pm CST, 6pm PST
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If you’ve ever asked the questions:   ”Who am I, really? Why am I here? What is my true purpose for being?”, then THIS is the show to tune into!
September 12, 2008 marks my and No Out There’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on BlogTalkRadio.

So you know what that means???? P-A-R-T-Y!! WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH

YOU are invited to JOIN ME and CELEBRATE!!!

P.S.  I’m also celebrating by starting No Out There Teleseminars, Teleconferences and Teleclasses!!!

The 1st ever No Out There Teleseminar (NO FEE)  – SEPTEMBER 22ND AT 7:00pm CST
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