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Lori Dawn – GRATITUDE – Thank God I’m Naked!


Lori Dawn, author of ‘Thank God My Mom Had Cancer!’ and Thank God I Was Physically Abused!’ is also an Image Identity Consultant and a leader of experiential workshops.  She is currently leading the “Thank God I’m Naked! Teleseminar– “Love Your Body, Love Yourself with Gratitude” – an adventurous series of calls to powerfully see yourself as you have never seen yourself before.
I had the opportunity to participate in the teleseminar series and testy, true to its word – it was fun AND I did learn one important way to see myself differently than I have before. 
So if you’ve got body issues, find yourself thinking or saying unflattering things about your body when you look in the mirror  – you may want to be on the next Mirror, Mirror on the Wall call so you can discover the wonder of your amazing body and through Gratitude learn to love yourself right now!
In the meantime, join Lori Dawn and I, Wednesday October 15th as we discuss GRATITUDE!

Lori holds a Gratitude Coaching Certification with Thank God I

9pm EST, 8pm CST, 6pm PST


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