Talkshow AND Teleseminar for FEBRUARY!

February is BLACK HISTORY MONTH and in addition it’s the month we celebrate LOVEHow Special
No Out There begins the month with LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE! a 4-part month long series from the No Out There viewpoint and perspective: 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST   Have some LOVE FUN! Check out:  The Brain Chemistry Behind Romantic Love and while you’re there, take the CHEMISTRY OF LOVE Test. 
We end the month on February 19th and 26th with a Teleseminar. JOIN ME in partnership with the Commanding Wealth® team, Asara Lovejoy and Kathryn Perry to put a STOP to your fears and concerns over the economy and to discover Your Money Courage and Your Cash Success right now even in these difficult financial times.  Check that out HERE and in the meantime download and use this powerful Prosperity Affirmation


Let’s Talk About LOVE! – the series

Part I – Wednesday, February 4th
I’ll be joined by Al Diaz, author of The Titus Concept and BEing the Titus Concept which, when it’s all boiled down is ALL ABOUT LOVE!
Listen to Let’s Talk About LOVE! Part I

Part II – Wednesday Feb 11th
I’ll be joined by one of my mentors, dr. michael ryce and his wife Jeanie.  Now there’s an interesting story!  They’re a happily married e-harmony couple.  We’ll hear all about that AND I’ve asked michael, author of Why Is This Happening to Me. . . Again? to share tips and tidbits from his acclaimed seminar:  Did You Hear Jeanie RyceWhat I Think I Said?
 In my view, that course deals with holding the space of LOVE in communication  or how  I keep my cool when the “other” has lost theirs!
 TUNE IN Wednesday, February 11th 1-646-716-9798

 Part III – Wednesday February 18th
Michael Sigmann, Founder and Executive Director of The Gateway ~ Men’s Inner Journey will join me to talk about CELEBRATION OF LOVE, a NEW PROGRAM FOR WOMEN – Staffed by gay men.
 When I first heard about this program from my friend, Lorraine, who heard about it from a friend, I thought, “What a novel approach!  Who better for women to learn about men then from men themselves and gay men at that?!”
This course is so new the first session was just held January 22nd -25th!   You’ll hear from Michael, the Celebration of Love facilitators and participants.
  TUNE IN –  Wednesday, February 18th 9PM est 1-646-716-9798

 Part IV – Wednesday February 25th
To round out the month, Melvin and Sherrie Allen, Relationship Experts and Facilitators.  I’ve known Sherrie and Melvin since BEFORE they became a couple.  They’ve been guests on numerous radio and television programs, including the award winning show “Starting Over” on NBC, and host a local cable show called “Relationships 911,” in LA.
Melvin and Sherrie are among the few relationship coaches in the world, trained by Dr. David Olson, world-renowned creator of Prepare/Enrich, to administer a relationship assessment program for premarital, and married couples.   They use their own lives and their life as a couple in delivering their approach to relationship.   TUNE IN – Wednesday, February 24th 9PM est 1-646-716-9798
I look forward to hearing you!

Have the Very Best Moments YET of Your Eternal Life and Have FUN doin’ it!

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