Winter any day now . . . according to the trees!

Yes, I listen to the weatherman as he forecasts how much longer this balmy weather is going to last. However, I have a much better barometer for when winter is about to REALLY set in. The tree in front of my house, the snowball bushes and hosta plants which line the back walkway.

Last week, the trees leaves were mostly still green and on the branches. Today, as I look out, they are ALL golden orange – and primarliy still on the tree. Once it sheds ALL if its leaves, I know the big Chicago snows and below 0 windchills are a’comin’.

The snowball bushes leaves have been brown since about mid-October, again primarily still on the bush. The hostas began to turn yellow and orange last week, again leaves on the stems.

Why use a tree and other plants to forecast the weather? They’re usually RIGHT! I remember when I first began to notice the accuracy of the tree forecast. I was teaching at the charter school. One day I came home from work and ALL the leaves were off the tree, where they had been on 2-days previous. I was amazed.

Since that time, I’ve kept an eye on it and sure enough, that tree keeps its leaves green until about a week or two before the snow and REAL winter chill are about to show up. Then it suddenly turns its leaves to golden orange and drops them, not over time, usually in a matter of days!!!

And the tree has nothing going on. It’s not trying to impress anyone. It’s going to give you the truth every time.

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