The DON IMUS Affair

This is the latest in a string of politically incorrect statements made by showbiz folk, namely Mel Gibson, Richards and Andy Dick. There have been a couple of politicians whose names I don’t recall at the moment.

Although I don’t appreciate the comments made, I cannot help remembering something I learned in the Heartland at Theodosia MO. That is: When I’ve reached a place of love (state of grace) in my spiritual growth, then painful things I’ve repressed and suppressed rise to the surface, come up for healing.

My sense is that is what is occurring for us as a people here in the US. We’ve raised our frequency and vibration such that age-old hurts, slights and insults are rising to the surface to be healed.

The interesting thing is that Mel, Richards and Andy Dick have all said they don’t consider themselves racist. And they may not be. I can say that because I too have intellectually thought myself to be open-minded and then when confronted with the situation, do something totally different or say something I couldn’t believe I said at the time.

I’ve learned over time, that’s a good thing. That’s information about what’s going on in my subconscious, which as long as it remains hidden, may cause me to behave in ways that seem irrational.

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