Hello and WELCOME!

With this blog I intend a place to share, explore, and inquire, etc the various aspects of No Out There.  However, I want to do that from more than the usual spiritual/metaphysical arena.  I mean, I want to look at it in the various aspects of daily life: health, family, finances, education, career, and relationships (spouse, lover, child, parent, sibling), etc.  Even laundry!  What does that mean there? Get my drift?

I also intend to share authors, books, seminars, workshops, courses, teleseminars, works, videos, tapes, and CDs, I’ve found valuable on this journey.

For me, No Out There, is a distinction, a point of view, a paradigm if you will, from which I’ve lived my life for many years.  Pretty much, it’s meaning in my life boils down to everything, everything, everything begins and ends with me – I’m doing it all.

Somewhere around the age of 19 I came to understand that when I was angry, I was really angry with and at ME!!!  Regardless of the person, place or situation, it was about ME.  Now, I wish I could tell you I stopped fussing, hollering, pointing fingers and blaming others, I really do wish.  However, having the enlightened thought and realization didn’t give me the accompanying enlightened behavior and beingness.  Kind of like knowing about good nutrition, caloric content and weight management doesn’t have me put my fork down and push away from the Thanksgiving table!

Oh, yes, I’ve changed.  I’m more calm and at peace inside.  And yet, there are those moments when the rage boils and LATER, I find myself filled with regret about something I did or said.  (I was about to edit that when I noticed I wrote I find myself – hmmmm, definitely something for me to look at.)

That’s another practice – I notice I have practices – living from No Out There – paying attention to what comes out of my mouth – and the mouths of others.  There’s GOLD in them thar’ words.  For at times I find I THINK I have a particular point of view and then notice my words and or actions don’t match.

OK.  That’s enough of a beginning.  Besides, I’m rarin’ to get going on one of the N.O.T. (No Out There) topics I’m passionate about – HEALTH and vitamins, specifically!!!

Chat u later.

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