Dinner Conversation

At dinner tonite: Somehow the topic of conversation over dinner tonite was Daddy’s inability to wipe his behind clean.

(This was a continuation of a onversation which had begun earlier when mom came out of the bathroom complaining that Daddy uses to much toilet paper and still has poopy (not the word she used) drawers. Wanting to be helpful at that point, I suggested Daddy take care of his own underwear. Whereupon they both chimed in, “He does.”, she said ” I do!.”, he exclaimed. “Then, I asked, “what’s the issue?” “He should know how to do this by now.”, Mama replied. “If he hasn’t learned it in all these years, he’s not going to learn it now”, I countered. “Well, he should”, said Mama putting in the last word. I sighed and shook my head.)

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They’re Here . . .

Mom and Dad are here! They’ve made their annual trek to Chicago to escape (for my mother) the hundred degree plus temperatures of Arizona. They arrived Tuesday (July 17th around 6:30pm CST) in their silver grey van laden with everything out of their refrigerator and a couple of things from their freezer (courtesy of Mom). It took 3 coolers amd a couple of boxes to held all the food stuffs..

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Me & My Parents

was driving home from somewhere, thinking, and suddenly became awash in feelings of love, apprecation, joy and gratitude for my parents. They will be here next week. I am so looking forward to seeing them. I really do love them. I get a kick out of being with them, their antics make me laugh They are so funny to me now. It wasn’t always like that.

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