Answer to FB Comment: “I find television very educating”

So I’m in Facebook this afternoon, after having missed out on taking my godson back to Illinois Wesleyan this morning.  BUMMER! I see this quote  from my friend and colleague, Al Diaz, author of BEing The Titus Concept and host of BlogTalkRadio Ilumine-Ao Talkshow:  “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the […]

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My 2-cents on the Bailout/Rescue

  If the housing industry and mortgages is where the current U.S. financial problem is then why aren’t we doing something about that?  Why aren’t we throwing money at those industries? This sounds like going to war in Iraq after 9/11 when Osama Bin Laden is in Afghanistan!!! While we (my 84 year old father, […]

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Heal Yourself by Tapping – Dr. Michael Vincent

Listen to the Interview with Dr. Michael Vincent –> AMAZING, ASTOUNDING AND OUTSTANDING TESTIMONIALS ABOUT THIS PRACTICE! Dr. Michael Vincent – Heal Yourself by Tapping! Hi, I went to an introductory session last night for a Workshop AND Seminar being taught here in Chicago THIS WEEKEND and I thought it was IMPORTANT to get the […]

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