Robert Lee Camp and The Cards of Your Destiny

Listen to the Interview with Robert Lee Camp –> No Out There The TALKSHOW has 2 segments:   Wednesday at 8pm CST   NØT@NIGHT     and     Wednesday NOON CST NØT@NOON What’s On Your/My Mind?   I also host:   The Jonn Thomas Show 1st Monday each month 3pm EST The International Black […]

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Black History Month Film Festival in Chicago

Hi, I received this AFTER I sent out the Summit Service Station e-mail for the month of February. BTW, we had a GREAT discussion about concepts presented in the movie What The Bleep?! Next month, Saturday, March 1st we’re moving into CASH FLOW! Hope to see you there or maybe I’ll run into you at […]

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I spent many hours yesterday in preparation of and training 2 people on the Constant Contact software that our group – The International Black Summit uses to send out the ‘glossy’ mailings to the larger body. When I told Jonn, the web/tech guru HOW I intended to do the training, that I wanted everyone to […]

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