Madonna & the Malawi Adoption

‘m wondering if some of this Malawi adoption bru-ha-ha is the result of cultural differences. It is my understanding that it is a common practice, at least in West Africa, for others to “adopt” children. These children live with and are reared by the adoptive parents, usually a relative and usually grandparents. They are taught […]

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New Orleans

I had been wanting to do more than donate money to the Katrina effort. Lo’ and behold I got a call from my friend Lorraine, “Girl, she said, “V called asking if I wanted to go on a road trip with her to New Orleans and help with the clean-up effort. I told her to […]

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Hello and WELCOME!

With this blog I intend a place to share, explore, and inquire, etc the various aspects of No Out There. However, I want to do that from more than the usual spiritual/metaphysical arena. I mean, I want to look at it in the various aspects of daily life: health, family, finances, education, career, and relationships (spouse, lover, child, parent, sibling), etc. Even laundry! What does that mean there? Get my drift?I also intend to share authors, books, seminars, workshops, courses, teleseminars, works, videos, tapes, and CDs, I’ve found valuable on this journey.For me, No Out There, …

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