INTRODUCING: The Summit Service Station

Hi, There‚Äôs a Summit Service Station starting here in Chicago. It’s purpose is to get together with like-minded people. Claudy Chapman, a participant and now Facilitator, with The International Black Summit wanted a way to continue the conversation here in Chicago between Summit events. His intention is not only getting together with Summit participants, but […]

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Winter any day now . . . according to the trees!

Yes, I listen to the weatherman as he forecasts how much longer this balmy weather is going to last. However, I have a much better barometer for when winter is about to REALLY set in. The tree in front of my house, the snowball bushes and hosta plants which line the back walkway. Last week, […]

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The DON IMUS Affair

This is the latest in a string of politically incorrect statements made by showbiz folk, namely Mel Gibson, Richards and Andy Dick. There have been a couple of politicians whose names I don’t recall at the moment. Although I don’t appreciate the comments made, I cannot help remembering something I learned in the Heartland at […]

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