Goal Setting And Conventional Wisdom

Copyright (c) 2010 Willie Horton I recently came across an article in relation to goal setting that suggested that you should only set goals that are obtainable, you should share your goals with your friends (so that they can hold you accountable) and you should set a time limit for the achievement of your goal. […]

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Making Yourself Irresistible To Love

Love is one of those things that tends to confuse almost everyone in their lives.  If there is someone who tells you that they have never found them self confused by love,  they probably are lying to you.  No matter how much we may think that we know about love,  it can always surprise us. […]

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The Universal Ethics Of Entrepreneurship

There is a Portuguese riddle that asks you to guess which being grows rapidly during its youth, takes 18 years to reach adulthood, usually lives to celebrate its 70th birthday, is able to survive adverse conditions, and produces sufficient wealth to feed a family. In Portugal, a school kid who already knows the answer will […]

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