The United Religions Initiative

The United Religions Initiative is an effort to integrate all religions. All the great Religions of yore Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism etc should be integrated, as all are brethren, and all religions are nothing but different radii of the same Eternal Circle, with the Absolute Self as the Center. Maurice Strong and […]

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Job of Motivational Keynote Speaker

The main aim of hiring the services of motivational keynote speaker in organization is to pass on new viewpoints to the employees. It is a speech which is delivered at the beginning of an event or when it has scheduled to be given. Speech which is delivered in group is required to be in good […]

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The Many Different Kinds Of Motivational Quotes For Businesses

Some days a motivational quote can provide a quick pick-me-up for employees and even management. They can be a breath of fresh air when it comes to a drab afternoon. These are also a great way to jazz up a newsletter or a memo or even to simply print and attach to a bulletin board. […]

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