You Should Be Honest

You should be honest .

                 Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

      Honesty has not been defined finally nor we can understand this concept of honesty completely.  There could be some minimums which we are to follow in life to establish that we are honest person.  If we are in service, we should not take bribe, indulge in scams, scandals, muddles, taking commission and dalali.  If we are in commerce, we are allowed to have profits, but it shall be better if we keep our profits within limits and should not indulge in adulteration, low weighing, selling counterfeit goods, selling time barred eatables, giving wrong information to our customers and thus collect more money from the customers.

           If we are in service, it is our duty to see that we are punctual and we also work as per the wages paid to us and we are not deceiving our master. We must speak the truth and must have faith and must be sincere and faithful to our master.  If we are given charge of money, we should keep correct accounts and must be honest and should not mis-appropriate money of our master and even of Government.

           If we are deceiving our life partner and deceiving her, even then we are honest person.  So these are some items on which we must keep attention and must see that we are not going wrong.  And if we are really interested in keeping ourselves honest, we can have control on ourselves on these items and in due course we shall be known as an honest person.

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