Why Let External Factors Get You All Worked Up?

Have you tried waiting for a cab and after a seemingly long wait, when a cab finally arrived, someone suddenly appeared out of nowhere and snatched the cab right under your nose?  Most people would be fuming mad and probably start to curse and swear.  Their blood pressure would head North as they continue the day on a foul mood.

Why let external factors get you all worked up?  It is not worth it.  Keep cool.  Talk your way out.  Tell yourself that probably the person who got into the cab was rushing to visit his relative, lying critical in hospital.  If that does not work on you, tell yourself that the event was deliberately planned by some higher intelligence.  That you did not get to ride the fateful cab as the tire would puncture mid way.  Just talk your way out.  Don’t let heat build up.  It’s bad for your body.

There may be instances when someone passes some unkind remark that is enough to make you hit the roof.  Stay cool, even when you feel yourself boiling inside.  Take a deep breath.  Don’t quarrel your way out.  Smile if you can.  Continue what you are doing as if the words have no effect on you.  Show that you are in control.  That you are too strong for anyone or any word to stir up negative emotions in you.  If the situation is a little too overwhelming, choose to just walk away.  You don’t need to stay a second longer in any toxic environment.  You have a choice.

Always maintain a happy disposition.  Protect your inner reservoir of peace and joy.   Don’t let anyone or anything pollute this sacred place.

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