Wheelchair Lifts For Physically Disabled

With the help of wheelchair lifts, physically disabled persons can access the different parts of their residences or offices rather easily. These accessibility equipments largely support the individuals struggling with mobility impairments, and help them lead a confident life with enhanced independence and momentum.

Convenient and Affordable Accessibility Solution

Wheelchair lifts are considered a more cost-effective accessibility option than elevators. To provide smooth and convenient access for physically disabled individuals, permanent and portable models of wheelchair lifts that are suitable for residential or commercial indoor and outdoor purposes are available in the industry.

With the help of inclined platform lifts, physically challenged persons can comfortably travel up and down the stairways. These lift models are suitable to be used on curved and straight stairways.

Wheelchair lifts can be obtained in two operating modes namely electric and hydraulic. The hydraulic model wheelchair lifts use hydraulics for enhanced functioning. Electric wheelchair lifts are provided with battery back-ups, so the lifts can be operated even during power outages. Compared to hydraulic models, electric wheelchair lifts are more flexible, less expensive and can be installed rather effortlessly.

Designed with Superior Safety Features

For ensuring the users maximum safety and trouble-free operation, these lift models are designed with user-friendly controls and superior safety features such as:

• Anti-skid flooring
• Under-platform sensors
• Emergency alarm
• Emergency stop switch
• Cable safety device
• Handrails
• Manual lowering device

Besides, the platforms of almost all wheelchair lift types are designed in such a way that these can accommodate different wheelchair models including power wheelchairs, child wheelchairs, adult wheelchairs and sports wheelchairs.

Select the Right Dealer for Making the Purchase

When planning to purchase wheelchair lifts for physically disabled persons, it is necessary to consider factors such as the extent of disability of the user, available models, their price levels and manufacturers. The leading manufacturers offering superior quality wheelchair lifts are Savaria Concord, Adaptive Engineering, ThyssenKrupp Access and Garaventa. Always make sure to purchase these branded products from renowned dealers, offering quality installation and maintenance services at reasonable charges.

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