The Best Ways To Stop Smoking – Cold Turkey

To quit smoking cold turkey, you need to make a clean break from cigarettes. Once you decide to quit, tell yourself that you have had your last smoke and don’t spend any time feeling sorry for yourself. Quitting cold turkey is more about your mind set than anything else so once you start to see cigarettes as a bad habit instead of a reward, then you will be half way there to kicking the habit for good.

Most people tell themselves that they will quit when they are ready; this is really just another way of saying that it’s going to be too hard. They promise themselves that this is their last packet, that they’ll quit after the holidays or next week or next month or next year. This is only a way to ease the guilt of smoking but it doesn’t get you any closer to quitting.

So, don’t make promises to yourself that you don’t intend to keep; quit smoking cold turkey right now and never have another cigarette. Tell yourself that you don’t smoke anymore and keep repeating it until your subconscious mind believes you. Now destroy all your cigarettes; cut them up, break them into little pieces, stomp them into the dirt. Don’t leave yourself any cigarettes for “just in case”, and enjoy the destruction of the ones you have.

Without ready access to cigarettes, it will be easier to resist the urge to light up; unfortunately family and friends who smoke may not be all that easy on you. Unfortunately, those around you who smoke don’t really want you to succeed; it will make them look bad to themselves, so beware of saboteurs. You must be strong and not cave in when someone tells you that one more cigarette “won’t kill you”.

To succeed at quitting cold turkey you must keep making positive statements in your head (or even out loud, if that helps). Statements like “I am a non-smoker” and “I’m glad I don’t smoke anymore” are really positive messages to get into your head. Remind yourself how healthy you now are and how much extra money you have to whatever you want.

Think of ways to reward yourself for quitting; use rewards as often as you need to keep to your resolve to quit smoking cold turkey. Put what used to be your cigarette costs into a clear jar so you can track how well you are doing.

When you make the decision to quit smoking cold turkey, you will be in for a few rough weeks as the toxins and nicotine work it’s way out of your system. But, if you can tough it through, it will get better. Many people find success when using stop smoking aids – either those prescribed by their doctor or found over the counter. But you have to be careful about which ones you use as some of them may not be right for you and others can even be harmful.

Did you know that people who use quit smoking aids have a much higher chance of stopping smoking? If you are trying to gain the cold turkey, there are many aids that can help but you have to be careful to choose the one(s) that
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