Are you rushing and feeling beaten down or discouraged by life?

How do your shoulders feel? Are your shoulders carrying burdens?

Yours or someone else’s?

Does time rule you?

Do you feel like you do not have enough hours in the day?

Do the positions of your clocks hands push you into thinking you must rush along to get everything accomplished?

Enormous amounts of energy get expended by trying to keep up with time and thinking you need to accomplish everything yourself. The Angels are showing me that when you live in this mentality, you cast yourself in tension.

Similar to a plaster cast coating your body – it gets hardened into a dense shell. Sometimes when you have been hurt, you think this structure will protect you. Even though the angels are beaming love and support to you, you will not feel it when these structures are in place. They may keep out fear or other feelings, but they also keep out your guidance and love.

I noticed rushing and feeling a lack of time happening for me over the past few weeks. My business has been booming and I have been engaged in a lot of travel. The more I focused on how much I had to do, the tighter my body felt and time seemed to constrict on me. I started to feel aches in my neck and shoulders. I could not hear my guidance very clearly and I started to become irritable.

The angels kept saying “Relax”, and my mind kept saying I will relax when I have finished everything. How many times do we think this: I will finish my to-do list or look after the kids and relax when I am all done.

The angels are urging you to re-think this and bring a mentality of relaxation into every thought, spoken word and every thing you do. Your muscles will start to unwind, you will be able to connect and receive guidance, along with feeling more joyful and free.

One of the biggest keys to connecting to your Angels and guides is through relaxation. When you relax, your breath gets deeper and your heart and mind are open to receiving. This connection allows you to access your guidance.


1. For one day, practice moving slower, eating slower, breathing deeper, and how about driving slower? We have all been behind a driver that tailgates us, over takes and then are slowed down by another driver, maybe saving 3 seconds.

2. As you read this, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, allow any tension to leave your body. Let your scalp, forehead and face relax, continuing this through all parts of your body.

Did you notice you were holding tension any where? If you are holding on with your body you can guarantee you are holding on with your mind.

3. Each day, ask your Angels and Higher Self to assist you with a mentality of relaxation and letting go.

Sending you all much love, light, laughter, ease and joy.

About the Author:
Bridget is a Certified Life Coach and Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. She is passionate about teaching people how to connect to the Angelic realm and is an engaging speaker who involves her audience.
Her intuition is one of her strong suits, and she uses it as a tool to inspire and teach people. Part of her overall philosophy involves the creation of a strong belief in yourself and to accept how magnificent you truly are.
I live my life from inspiration, and my passions are animals, dancing, travel, creativity, spirituality and hiking.
Bridget Engel
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