Quit Smoking : Most Usual Steps

When it comes to quit smoking, everyone has its own story. Some say its difficult and some say its easy. The thing is that, if you start by thinking that is a great deal, with numerous sacrifices and various books to read, it may very well be so. You might even be able to imagine such a great wall of difficulties that no human can take the challenge. But thats just absurd. Before you start you should realize that the story should be as simple as it can be. Dont make yourself a complicated plan because it might be harder to respect it than is to quit smoking.

There is more than just one way to quit smoking. A common advice is to replace the old habit with a new one. Starting with some nicotine products or with electric cigarettes might be a good idea. Choosing a random product or too many products might not be a good way to quit smoking. If anyone can help you here, thats you personal doctor. Then giving up the new habit should finish the job.

Another common advice is to use the power of suggestion: imagine if there is any situation where smoking is absolutely necessary for you; a situation where nothing and no one else can help. Of course, its hard to imagine that life itself could dependent on such a small thing. This kind of thoughts should help you to build motivation and resist temptation.

Before you start you should also consider how decided you are. If youre not entirely sure that you want to quit smoking, nothing might work. If you just want to test the methods, you can find a lot of arguments to reject them and youll not be able to quit smoking. On the other side, if youre absolutely decided to quit smoking, then almost any method will work.

But remember that its not enough to say it and decide upon a method, you will have to consider steps and results. Expect yourself to succeed and make your statement public.

A good start will be to change your program. Try to avoid situations where you usually smoke. If your best friends dont want to quit with you or you think that they might influence your plans, you might have to consider priorities and take drastic short term decisions. Only you should decide how important your health is. When you make your plan and decide what to do in order to quit smoking, try to act indirectly. Dont imagine that you will quit smoking by looking at a cigarette and saying to yourself no more. Get rid of all the smoking related stuff from your house. The more important they were for you, the more they will help you to quit smoking. Then, instead of remembering that you used to smoke, try to remember that you stopped smoking.

As many wise men said before, you have to ruin a temple in order to replace it with another one. If smocking is an important aspect of your daily life, then the new non-smoking you will have to deal with those personality issues as well.

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