Paying It Forward For Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur, whether experienced or brand new, can use someone to believe in her. Our work as entrepreneurs is to create something out of nothing — take our out-of-the-box ideas and forge them into something that is valuable to our customers. It can be lonely work. We can feel a bit isolated, and one of the side-effects of feeling isolated is falling into self-doubt.

One of the things I love the most about my work is that I get to know and believe in my clients. Part of my work with clients is to hold a space for them in which they practice believing in themselves and their business, even though they may never have truly believed in what they are doing before now.

We all need others to believe in us and our work. We crave that attention and connection with others – it’s part of being human. And in our increasingly segmented and frantically busy world, it’s sometimes hard to feel like anyone is believing in us on any given day.

There are two actions we can take that help us foster a community of support and belief in our entrepreneurial world. One is to notice and thank the people around us who do believe in us and let us know it. It might be a coach, a mentor or friend. It might be an aunt or uncle who encourage you to go for your dreams. I’m lucky that one of my “believers” is my spouse. He believes in me, even if he sometimes doesn’t yet see the benefit or end result of what I am creating.

The second action? I believe that we all have a duty to pay it forward when it comes to believing in others. This week, think about another entrepreneur who could use YOU to believe in her. Maybe, for right now, you believe in that person and her ability to create her life the exact way she wants it, even more than she believes she can. Just pick someone, listen to her dreams, and help her see the way forward. Tell her, “I believe in you, I know you can do it, take it one step at a time, and move forward in faith.” Pay belief forward. It’s a fabulous feeling, no matter whether you are the giver or the receiver.

By taking these actions, we weave a cloth of supporters for ourselves and others that can catch and hold those of us who, for the moment, have lost belief in ourselves. We give energy to those who need it, and we receive energy when we are in need. We help ourselves keep our entrepreneurial community strong, and ensure that our ideas, products, and services get into the marketplace. Paying belief forward is powerful. It applies a little love to someone else’s world.

About the Author:
Sue Painter is a marketing therapist whose expertise is finding the dark and murky under-places that keep your business from succeeding. She develops business plans that work, and strategic marketing plans that take dead aim at your target market. You can subscribe to her Marketing Tips e-zine at .
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