I Dont Want Him Anymore – Dump Him But Still Love Him

Im constantly asked, what could I do after breakup whilst Im still in love with ex boyfriend? My answer has always been this, how do you need to feel? I m aware that this is not the reply youve imagined but its bizarre that a man you used to dear so much, the one you devoted your love, turns out hurting you the most. As they say, love is hurting but you dont wish to suffer.

Its a piece of cake to say love hurts when you arent in trouble but when you are in an intimate relationship with a person who abuses you its like been treated like a step child. Can you remember all that touch… may be those Mustards flowers… all that I you… those chocolates and love stories, went down the drain, thats shitty experience isnt it?

How do you act in this case?

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Calling your ex guy is not advisable. Asking for a forgiveness to return is even worse. How do you act in this case? First you have to accept that love is simply a state of mind, its how you feel about the person you love. When you change that notion, there is no attraction. Do you read? Let me untangle this to you clearly.

Just recall this, before you got involve with your ex boyfriends life, you had no feelings or anything about him. Even when I were to give all details about him it wouldnt produce any passion the way you feel now. Do you recognize why? Because the whole time you are in relationship with a man, you establish emotional response, which is learned, in your neurology. The more you spend time together in a loverly way, the more you hardwire that connection in your brain which causes you to establish more allurement (love).

Therefore, when you breakup with an ex boyfriend there is a violent charge up enthusiasm that causes you to feel stressed. If you cant start all over then you must have an issue. This justifies why you cant get it nicely or why you get unsettled about your looks because of stress caused by breakup
break up. This change the way you perform actions and your over all attitude. The only way to get over this is to change how you treat these mental states. You must change the way you feel about your man.

Let me elaborate…

Get a book you can obtain around, hold it while facing the front part then move it 180 degrees and then look at it from the back, then from the sides . You will learn that, its display look different base on what position you are facing it. The book is the same but the way you look at it, changed. Now, Im not comparing your guy with the book. What Im saying here is this, when you alter the way you feel about your ex, breakup will not impacts you. You might be eager to recognize how to exercise this? Luckly there is a method to aid you get over your ex boyfriend fast. This technology will make you forget him completely, you will be yoyful than you can anticipate.

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