From Door To Door Salesman To Millionare

Today’s story is of ordinary man with little education , lot of responsibility , big dream and reasonable achievement. Today story is of one man who started selling door to door and eventually became millionaire.

Siddharth Desai was born is a poor family and to make matter worse his father died when he was just 12 year old. Being eldest in the family with 2 brothers and 3 sisters to feed siddharth started doing odd jobs.Working at tea stall in the day , working in dhaba in the evening , working as news paper boy. Siddarth did anything which was possible for him with single goal. Feeding his siblings and mother.

Siddharth earned a reputation of hard working , sincere boy. When siddharth was 18 , he got offer from a man (Ramesh) who wanted to make detergents. Siddharth became partner in this home made detergent venture. Ramesh use to make detergent and siddharth used to go door to door to sell them. Siddharth had bought a bicycle till then and used to work from 10-8 knocking door and selling detergents. He worked like this for another two years before a well established detergent manufacturing company’s sales manager saw him. Siddharth knocked his door and the manager could rate his skill. Siddharth was offered job in that firm . Siddharth had too little education but had grasped few English words during his selling spree.

Siddharth worked hard and in another two years he had direct sales marketing team of five people working under him. Siddharth being ambitious also took english course to master the language.

Fortune favored siddharth soon. Siddharth came in touch of a person (Vivek) who was equally ambitious ,dedicate and financially in same plane. Siddharth was thinking of quitting the job and doing his own thing. Vivek proposes business of supplying bottole to pharma companies while siddharth handling the bottle supplier system while vivek the pharma companies. Siddharth used all his experience of dealing with people in getting credits , getting suppliers give more margin.

Their business took off. Within two years both of them were well established in the market. But vivek and siddharth were ambitious people who could not settle for less. Luck favoured them again when a young business man , Gautam got gold import license. He need people whom he can trust and vivek knew gautam since long. Vivek and siddharth became part of gautam’s business and soon siddharth , vivek’s journey to become millionaire began.

Siddharth used to travel lot in those days. Quite often he used to board flight from ahmedabad to mumbai ,make the deal and within 4 hours he would be back on mumbai to ahmedabad flight.

Gautam’s business was expanding and siddharth , vivek were more busier than ever. Both didn’t work as his employee , both worked on percentage basis. They worked in gold market , cement , steel , scrap.

Later they entered real estate market. Having made enough money , they started investing in properties and even making residential buildings and selling it. They also invested gautam’s money and generate profit for him.

Today siddharth has office in one of prime location of ahmedabad. Siddharth’s brother are in his business. Siddharth has lot of investments in plot and has made a grand bunglow.

There is one interesting story regarding his buglow. Siddharth purchased plot for bunglow long back but his contruction of bunglow went on for 7 years. It was going on very slowly. When people asked him about why he lives in small flat and not make his bunglow bit faster. He used to reply that Bunglow has not to be contructed from capital but from profit. After making profit , I divide them in running my house , keeping some safe money and then constructing bunglow.

Other gems from siddharth is one liners like -‘ There are lot of gautams who need trustworthy,honest,hardworking people’ .’Keep looking and growing’. ‘I am not graduate but educated’ .’Biggest satisfaction is not driving big cars but taking care of family’.

Siddharth’s story is perfect rage to riches story of a man who did lot of things for earning but his honest , zeal , dedication finally paid off.

Link : From Door to Door Salesman TO Millionare

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