Emotional Control

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to the area of self help, achievement and motivation is learning and being able to control your emotions at any given point in time. Once you really master controlling your emotions it will no longer depend on what mood you are in, if you had a good day, if people were nice to you etc. Emotional control doesn’t mean that external circumstances wont phase you, it just means that once they do actually happen you are the one controlling the meaning of that given circumstance.

It also means that you will have no problem moving on with the task at hand without getting sidetracked because your emotions started telling you a lot of confusing things. Emotions are the mother of procrastination and it is typically associations of pain towards the task at hand that makes your emotions start convincing you into procrastinating and not performing the predetermined task.

The easiest way to ignore your emotions in cases where it is evident that they are not helping you but hindering you is to immediately take action on whatever you are trying to rationalize and procrastinate on. Just get up immediately and start moving around and once you are pumped up, get started on the action you were supposed to take immediately.

What is funny about emotions is that they can change within seconds and if they see that you are taking action you will be amazed to see that in the majority of instances, you will actually feel happy and proud of yourself that you are doing what you had planned to do.

Another great way to change your emotions immediately is to change your posture and body language. You can even start jumping around and doing something that you think is really stupid and funny. This will get you out of the state of drowsiness and laziness for a couple of minutes and during these minutes you want to start taking massive action and getting momentum, momentum will keep you going until you finish the task and can relax without having a bad conscience.

Whatever technique you choose to use it is very important that you are consistent and don’t give in to procrastination and laziness, no matter how persistent the urge to do so is at that given moment. Giving in will only tell your brain that this behavior is acceptable and okay, thus making it harder for you the next time around.

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