Does The Person You Were In The Past Define You Now?

I was riding with my oldest son the other night after his basketball game.  He stated that when he is around anyone from his earlier school years somehow he always reverts to his old shy self.  He was a very shy person when he was younger and he is consciously working on being more of an extrovert.  My son is engaging on his own personal development without being aware of what he is really doing.

He made me think about what I have done in the past that I have allowed to define me.  I have always worked under the guise of a salaried manager in a retail or restaurant establishment.  The desire to step out and become an entrepreneur has always been inside of me but I never allowed it to come to light.  The fact that was who you were in the past does not mean that you have to continue to be that same person.

The people who knew me as a salaried manager might have difficulties in viewing my new role as a true entrepreneur.  As a salaried manager I knew exactly how much I was getting paid every two weeks.  The mentality that I had was being certain and predictable in my actions on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur I have to put myself in a total different role of uncertainty and unpredictability.  The only thing that you can predict is that if you don’t do income generating activities on a daily basis you will not succeed.

We must not let people from the past determine who we become in the future.  These people knew my son as that shy person in the past, but he has an opportunity to present the new him every time.  The saying goes from the mouth of babe to the ears of adults.  The lesson that we learn from our kids can send us to reflect on who we are a person.

Personal development is truly something that we should continuously work on consciously. We must take heed and listen to our heart and take action.  Our thoughts lead to our success only if we act on them.  Procrastination is the only major factor that may stop you from moving to the next chapter in your life.  The book of life is always changing and it is up to you to be instrumental in implementing these changes.  What in your past that is defining and continues to define you?

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Shirland Carrington is part of a Personal Development company that helps people eliminate limiting beliefs and achieve success in their life, business and relationship. Shirland has two sons that are trying to outgrow him.  The younger one is taller than the older one.  Shirland believes in sharing knowledge and skills that he has acquired with his business partners. Visit my blog
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