Become A Record Breaker

This is my favorite strategy, because I love to set goals and break records. It keeps me motivated and focused on achieving more than I have already accomplished. If you are a record breaker, then you can never become complacent.

What is your personal sales record? What is the most that you have ever earned in sales? Write it down right now. Now, what’s your record breaking goal? Write that down. Also, write down when you want to accomplish that goal. Now, put that record breaking goal and the date in front of you so that you see it everyday. Let me give you the three steps that will guarantee that you will break the record.

First, you must know it in order to break it. Sales records are developed, recorded in the books and then broken. Someone in your sales organization, business or in the same industry is the top earner. Find out what their check is per month and set a goal to break it. I broke records in every single network marketing company that I was involved in. How? I set the goal of being the top earner and the date of when I would achieve it. I got focused and did it!

If there’s no one for you to compete with in your industry, then strive to beat your own personal record. What is your personal sales record? What’s the most you ever earned? If you’re an independent contractor, what’s the highest 1099 filed? Find it out. Look at it, cross it out and commit to breaking that record. This works for anyone in sales and marketing.

Secondly, you must own it. Create a check of the exact amount that you want to earn by a certain date and put it somewhere so that you can see it everyday. One of my students wrote out a check for $7,000 and dated it three months out from that date. She posted a copy of that check everywhere so that she challenged herself everyday to break that record. She actually earned a check that was seventeen percent more than what the amount was on that check. Take action today and write down the exact amount you want earn 90 days from now.

Thirdly, understand that records are made to be broken. When Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile, within the next three years over twenty other people did it too. What happened? Did legs and feet get different? No. The mind believed that it was possible. Because one person did it, everyone else knew it was possible. Well, guess what? You can do it too. Find out the record numbers in your company or within your own sales and commit to breaking them by a certain date. You can do it! Don’t let any tell you that it’s impossible.

I’m in full agreement with you that you CAN break records. There is no doubt about it! Just set the date and break the record. Go for it!

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