5 Promotional Ideas To Beat The Credit Crunch

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business owner the recession will no doubt be draining your resources to the absolute max.

Whilst small businesses have always struggled to survive on the heals left over by their more powerful rivals, it is now the large multinationals that are having to learn to do things on an ever tightening budget.

With promoting budgets more limited than ever , you will need to have some promotional gift ideas close handy that are cost-effective and that really hit the mark.

Here are five promotional ideas that are economical and are proven to get results:

1. Trade Show giveaways

Take your business to a higher level with customized promotional items and giveaways that actually gets your company name out there. At trade shows and consumer exhibitions you can distribute a wide variety of items, from pens to coasters to mugs and selected from other possible items that are promotionally priced but highly useful items.

Pens or fridge magnets could appear like trivial items buty they are shown to be the most successful selling devices! A pen is always at hand and there is not a day that goes by when we don’t open or pass by our refrigerator, so having your company’s emblem flashed before our eyes multiple times each day. This is subliminal messaging at its best and most effective.

2. Company still and Warble’s

Attack the enemy from inside by gaining brand and company fidelity through targeting staff and their families. Giving workers free embellished mouse pads and other such items will certainly encourage them to feel a connection to your business as will the members of their own families.

Advertising on apparel is a powerful tool and very effective as a gift to nurture and develop brand loyalty. An imprinted t-shirt worn by an employee, customer, or even a family will indeed yield more benefits than a billboard…because this one walks!

3. Contacts and networking

Target critical contacts, clients and providers by sending them personalised presents that have your company name or logo put on. Items of clothing can be silkscreened or embroidered. Harder accessories can be embossed. Other hard plastic or wood items may also be printed or engraved.

In this way when they are next thinking about using a product that you provide, they will automatically remember the name on the pen, diary or paperweight on their desk.

4. Getting involved with local businesses

Many pairs of hands are much better than just the one so working alongside other local companies or similar-themed websites could be a way of generating additional hits or visits.

Displaying your product or company name is a proven way of raising the profile of your company or website in a targeted area.

Setting up a stand at local events such as a weekend fairs can put your company name in the local community and develop company loyalty.

5. Introductory Promotional Gifts

Promotional introductory gifts with your brand or logo are an excellent way of attracting business away from your competitors. Everyone likes a free gift and they will surely remember you for it.

Try giving out free samples at focused locations such as a superstore if your target group can be discovered there. Also by giving free demonstrations of your product or service you are showing that you have a belief in your product. This is only one of many thousands of uses of promotional items.

No matter what item you choose, from a pen to a leather-bound book, your logo or message on promotional gift items will be prominently displayed and emblazoned in your clients or employees mind. There is just no more effective way to advertise your important company name.
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