danitabMy birth name is Danita. I go by the name Llenar now – an 8 vibration. The Chinese say it’s lucky, especially for money.  In some numerology disciplines it’s said to be the “God” number, whole and complete.  Others say it represents infinity.

I am an ordained minister, consultant, trainer, teacher and educator with 20+ years experience working with individuals and groups, both nationally and internationally. My workshops/trainings have ranged in content from vision and mission statement creation; team building, leadership, change management, self-esteem and empowerment of teachers and students and computer programming.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. I am a Senior Facilitator of the International Black Summit, a Life Skills Coach, a certified “Why . . .” teacher, and a State of Illinois substitute teacher. I am also a recipient of the Chicago Urban League Excellence Award.

I’ve traveled around the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. I’d like to visit Alaska and Australia.

I’ve worked as a laundry folder, typist, secretary, administrative assistant, 5th grade school teacher, computer programmer, computer programming instructor, course developer and trainer, partner in a t-shirt company, leadership training consultant, personal life coach and consultant.

I live my life from the perspective that nobody out there is doing anything to me, that whatever happens in my life is similar to a computer printout or readout of what’s going on inside ME at any given moment.

Most of my life all I wanted was to be happy. I wanted to have a good relationship with my parents and couldn’t understand why all the turmoil and strife and unhappiness was going on.

I’m delighted to say that somewhere around the age of 40 (is that what the story about the Israelites wondering in the desert for 40 years is REALLY all about? that until about the age of 40 human being is wandering in the desert????? I think so) after years of doing inner work (attending workshops, seminars, listening to tapes, watching videos, etc.) I was attending the Landmark Education Forum and I had the breakthrough insight that my entire relationship with my mother was one of domination and avoiding domination!!!

Ever since I was a child, I’ve done one thing consistently, I have taken what I learned, which I felt made a difference in my life, and shared with and taught that to others.

Both of my parents worked. Being the eldest, I helped out with my younger brothers and sister.  I taught my youngest brother how to put on his clothes and how to use a fork.  My game of choice was, SCHOOL and I was always the teacher!  LOL!  I taught Sunday School because the book, The Lives of the Saints, really impressed me. I wanted to be a nun.

I learned Computer Programming, through the Chicago Urban League Computer Training Program, to get a job,.  I was hired at Illinois Bell.  I was a programmer in their Payroll Dept. and then taught Computer Progamming in their computer lab. When PCs came about, Illinois Bell (which was then Ameritech) created a PC Lab.  I used to hang out there between students, before and after work.  I used the self-guided courses and learned DOS, word processing (remember WordPerfect?) and spreadsheets.  After leaving Ameritech and I put together a PC Basics course and taught bakers at Nabisco.

I’ve taught 5th graders general education, high schoolers Data Processing, PC hardware and software essentials; and grade school after-school Reading and Math.  I was also a volunteer Adult Literacy (reading) tutor for several years.

When my Dad retired in 1996 I gave him his first PC and taught him DOS.  He now has his own laptop and is on Facebook!  I’ve taught PC Basics to other seniors.

In the spiritual/metaphysical arena, since my early 20s, I’ve read books, attended seminars/workshops/trainings, listened to audios, watched videos and learned from Ernest Holmes, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Bruce Lipton, dr. michael ryce, Dan Millman, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Dr. Hew Len, Mabel Katz, Brugh Joy, Byron Katie, Florence Scovell Schinn, Catherine Ponder, Eric Butterworth, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Neville Goddard, Abraham-Hicks, Ramtha, etc.  The concepts which resonated with me over the years are that:  no body “out there” is doing it to me; the source, perpetuation and remedy for whatever is going on in my life, is right here, within me; underneath a complaint is a commitment; and no one is to blame, not even me (yet there are consequences for my actions)

Along the way, I’ve shared each of those to whomever would listen.

In 1994 I took on living my life from the perspective of those concepts mentioned above, which I termed “No Out There”  I noticed that my relationships were much easier.  I felt more peaceful, calm and relaxed.  Family and friends began commenting that they felt/thought I was much “softer”.

I’ve been part of The International Black Summit since 1992 and one of its Senior Facilitators since 1996 and began facilitating from the No Out There concepts and am known there as “Ms. No Out There”.

In 2007, I began the No Out There talkshow online to share the concepts with a wider audience.  There’s an idea shared by many teachers and educators that the student gets about 10% of what the teacher knows.  I decided that rather than have listeners get their 10% from my 10%, I’d interview as many of my teachers,mentors and authors whose work helped me to get to the No Out There understanding so they (the listeners) could get their own 10%+ directly from the source.

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