You Should Be Honest

You should be honest .                  Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.       Honesty has not been defined finally nor we can understand this concept of honesty completely.  There could be some minimums which we are to follow in life to establish that we are honest person.  If we are in service, we should not take bribe, […]

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Are You Willing To Surrender?

Copyright (c) 2010 Paula Gregorowicz * Are you struggling with making what you want to see happen in your life or career? * Have you been working toward a goal but it feels like everyone and everything is throwing an obstacle in your face? * Does it feel like what you want will never happen? […]

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Another Award – Happy 101!

My friend Gregory, at the Day to Day blog has given me Happy 101 Award. And I thank you very much for it Gregory! I am very honored with this award, and consider myself lucky with a friend like you Your blogs are on my “often reading” list, and I enjoy your views and at […]

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