and Robert Lee Camp

Listen to the Interview with Robert Lee Camp –>     Have you been searching for that LOVE CONNECTION?  LOOK NO MORE!   Robert Lee Camp, author of the Cards of Your Destiny and the Love Cards books has launched the service to assist you in making your BEST matches for: LOVE MONEY FRIENDSHIP […]

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Today, September 11, 2008, my parents, Elma and McFarland Bragg, Sr. celebrate 60 Years of Marriage My mother sighed the other day saying, “September used to be such a nice month.  Now it’s not anymore.” I know her sigh was about MORE than the 9/11 national tragedy that this day has come to commemorate.   […]

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Dr. Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief

Listen to the Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton –>   “This book will forever change how you think about your own thinking!” The Biology of Belief book jacket)   I saw a videotaped interview of Dr. Bruce Lipton in 1999.  By the time I heard the information he presented on that tape, it was 5 […]

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