Ernie Vecchio author of Big Tail, Small Kite – Healing Shame

Listen to the Interview with Ernie Vecchio –> No Out There The TALKSHOW has 2 segments: Wednesday at 8pm CST NØT@NIGHT and Wednesday NOON CST NØT@NOON What’s On Your/My Mind? I also host: The Jonn Thomas Show 1st Monday each month 3pm EST The International Black Summit TalkShow 2nd Sunday of each month 8pm EST […]

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Dr. Timothy J. Hayes on the “Why?” series of Workshops

Listen to the Interviews with Dr. Tim Hayes from 6/18/08 –> and from 6/25/08 Dr. Timothy Hayes joined me this afternoon to speak about the upcoming FREE workshops being given by dr. michael ryce here in the Chicago Area: DR. MICHAEL RYCE WILL PRESENT FREE EVENING WORKSHOPS JUNE 29TH THRU JULY 3RD AT: Christian Science […]

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Chronicles of a Fallen Hero.

Hopera: Chronicles of a Fallen Hero Untitled Document Hip Hop + Opera = Hopera Hello friends, family and love ones: I hope well be able to catch up sometime soon. We are all seem to be running at a fast pace to keep up with and thrive during this revolutionary time, while working on a […]

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