Chekesha’s Travel Log

Hey Everybody, I’m Chekesha, it means bringer of laughter and that’s something I most definitely want to share with you on Danita’s “No Out There” Blog. She and I are connected from our work in the International Black Summit or I should probably say our love for it. Danita invited me to contribute as an […]

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 7-26

Not to be outdone by Mama’s scrumptious fried corn last night, Daddy cooked breakfast this morning! Bacon, eggs and grits. Nice flat crispy bacon, soft scrambled eggs and creamy smooth grits which even he admitted had too much salt. We worked closing in the block window bay for her new powder room. There was the […]

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Captain’s Log – Stardate 7-25

We framed-in the new powder room block window. I shucked corn and Mama made fried corn. Popeye’s provided the protein and leftover garden salad provided the greenery. Annie came by. Mama gave her a quart of homemade soup and 2 of the Pineapple-Mango Upside down individual cakes. One for her and one for Kendall. And […]

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