The Power of Attraction – Part 1 Jonn Thomas

Consider this…..Everything that’s happening in your life – right now, you have attracted! If you have a great relationship, you attracted it. If you are struggling with money, you have attracted. If you find yourself happy with your life, you have attracted it. If you blaming someone else, you have attracted that as well.

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Sunday, October 29th was my birthday, and I have been having a blast! In honor of my special day, I treated the city of Chicago to a beautiful, warm and sunny day; a Bears win (my dad said it was a slaughter) AND an extra hour to enjoy it all (daylight savings time – fall back)!!! I was treated to a $75 brunch and show on Sunday. (THANK YOU Byron. Thanks also to Sheron Williams and Ameriprise Financial Services for the seat at the table – kinda’ like room at the inn.) …

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