Hot Flashes (Menopause)

What I am expressing here, in honor of the 56th year since my birth, is what I’ve noticed as it concerns Menopause and Me. First is HOT FLASHES . I usually get flushed from 2 causes too much sugar or sweets at one sitting (even too many grapes at one time will cause it) thnking […]

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Madonna & the Malawi Adoption

‘m wondering if some of this Malawi adoption bru-ha-ha is the result of cultural differences. It is my understanding that it is a common practice, at least in West Africa, for others to “adopt” children. These children live with and are reared by the adoptive parents, usually a relative and usually grandparents. They are taught […]

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New Orleans

I had been wanting to do more than donate money to the Katrina effort. Lo’ and behold I got a call from my friend Lorraine, “Girl, she said, “V called asking if I wanted to go on a road trip with her to New Orleans and help with the clean-up effort. I told her to […]

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