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is an idea, a concept, a particular point of view, a perspective which suggests there’s really No Out There . . . Out There, as Quantum Physics now suggests.

From the No Out There viewpoint:

  • the source, cause and remedy for whatever is going on in my life is here within me.
  • I am 100% responsible for what is occurring in my life, is now in my life or has ever been in my life
  • upsets (being angry, frustrated, sad, mad, etc.) is a signal I am attempting to fix something I think is outside of me
  • the resolution is me. No one’s doing it to me. No one’s to blame, not even me.
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Intenders Bridge

No Out There is also a weekly Talkshow on BLOGTALKRADIO.COM It is a very lively and informative, weekly discussion about living life from the perspective that there is No Out There, out there.

NØT@NIGHT (NØT is an acronym for No Øut There)  is a 60-minutes weekly session which airs at 8pm CST Wednesday’s.  I share No Out There techniques, tips and process,  talk with callers and answer questions in the chat room.  I also interview various leaders in the spiritual/metaphysical arena who share philosophy’s similar to No Out There. Listeners and chatroom participants call or write in with questions and/or comments.


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